All in One Laser Level

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Get the precision Laser Level today with  Free Shipping!

-light beam to provide accurate projects.
-A multipurpose requisite tool for house living.
-Less than 0.5mW output, harmless to health.
-8-foot measurement tape, includes of metric and imperial precision linear measures. 

Wave Length: 650nm
Output: 0.5mW
Size: 185 x 62 x 28mm
Package Size: 210 x 80 x 40mm
Color: Black 
Net Weight: 172g 
Requires 3x AG13 button cell. 

Package List
1x Level Ruler 

Attention Tip: 

1. This item is not toy for age 14 and under. 
2. Do not aim to your eyes. 
3. Never look into the bulb while the level ruler is on. 
4. Keep this level ruler away from the water, dust and sunlight. 

Please allow up to 5-20 days for delivery due to high demand!